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III-Vs Review

New microwave oscillator compatible with photonics
March 1997

Computer Weekly

Apple Watch is for girls (and that’s a good thing)
14 August 2017


Making light work of a 3D optical illusion
25 October 1990


To live and die in America
First Date
Larger than life

The Daily Telegraph

Image almost fit to print
24 September 1990

Design Engineering

Optical computers begin to see light of day
September 1994


Fatal figures
September 1995


Rise of the Robots
September 2004

The Economist

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Electronic Imaging

Describing game as holographic ignites dispute
January 1992
Surgery simulation in a virtual environment
July 1991

Electronic Engineering Times

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Electronics Times

Micro-machines are fit for space
11 October 1999
Nanosprings give denser chip I/Os
9 August 1999

Holographics International

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Holography News

Holography in optical computing: An important future
October 1990
Holography and life sciences report
September 1990

IEE Review

Never say die
June 2005
Smartening up windows
April 2005
Mind over matter
February 2005

Image Processing

Healthy holograms
July/August 1990

Industrial Focus

Nanotechnology: Bubbles
May/June 2006

The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology

Questioning the integrity of the John Templeton Foundation
3 March 2011

Laser Focus World

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The Lawyer

Date with the Royals for trust lawyers
25 August 1988
Law Commission starts review of interstate law
25 August 1988
McKennas triumphs over Esso in business game
25 August 1988
Merger creates only firm to practise in Cardiff Bay
25 August 1988
Scots lawyer suspended after fake declaration
25 August 1988

The Neuromorphic Engineer

Editorial: What to feed the senses?
March 2007

New Scientist

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OEM Magazine

Fully connected
February, 1997
Robots get sociable
October 1996
Teaching data to fly
July 1996
From text to texture
June 1996
Rainbow room
February 1996
A view to remember
January 1996

OE Reports

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Optical Computing

Logical demonstration at Heriot-Watt studies all-optical digital processing
November 1991

Optics & Photonics News

How associative holographic memories may one day deliver optical computing
March 2000

Robotics and Machine Perception

Cats provide data to aid falling robots
July 1992


A Machine With a Fly’s-Eye View
Science, 3 September 1999
Optoelectronics: Double helix doubles as engineer
Science, 27 March 1998
A subtler silicon cell for neural networks
Science, 26 September 1997
Helical beams give particles a whirl (summary only)
Science, 5 July 1996
Sunfish shows the way through the fog (summary only)
Science, 3 May 1996
Even a robot cricket always gets her mate
Science, 16 December 1994

Signal & Image Processing

Optron Systems develops membrane mirrors as light modulators
March 1992
Compact joint transform correlator recognizes objects in real time
March 1992
Self-organizing photorefractive systems from U of Colorado
July 1991

SPIE Professional

March of the metamaterials
January 2008
Holographic storage comes of age
October 2007

Time Out Shopping Guide


Times Higher Educational Supplement

Less cut and thrust, more cut and paste
16 February 2007
Thin end of a generous wedge
25 February 2005

The Times Online

Patrick Purcell: Pioneer of computing and design
The Times Online, 19 March 2007


Video’s fourth dimension
November 1994

Virtual Reality Special Report

Touching the other side
May/June 1996


Mixed Feelings
April 2007
Computer, heal thyself!
September 2005
Smile, You’re on Liquid Camera
April 2005
100 Percent, Grade-A Robot Brawn
November 2004
Tiny robots make light work
June 1994
Stinking robots
February 1994