Laser Focus World

Neurophotonics: Photonics demonstrate brainlike behavior useful in machine learning
10 July 2017
Space holography used for real-world science
January 2005
Nonlinear Materials: Optical-switching material breaches quantum gap
December 2004
Wireless pressure sensor is laser powered
October 2004
Near-field technique reduces trapping volume
September 2004
Surface-plasmon polaritons allow features to 25 nm
August 2004
3-D waveguides created by 2-D fabrication
August 2004
Surface-plasmon waveguide permits easy coupling
July 2004
Laser-scanning HUD requires little power
July 2004
Dynamic holographic system pulls signal from noise
June 2004
Backlighting scheme may improve efficiency
June 2004
Colossal nonlinearity offers new efficient wavefront correction
May 2004
Compound camera sees clearly and in color
May 2004
New spin on the optical vortex
May 2004
Lab on a chip is designed for the field
April 2004
Electrowetting boosts speed, color, contrast
April 2004
Laser diode becomes all-optical flip-flop
March 2004
Catastrophic ‘fuse’ effect may be preventable and have practical uses
March 2004
Time-reversal symmetry broken
February 2004
Undercuts enable nanoshuttle steering of microtubules
February 2004
Stephen Benton, holography pioneer, dies
January 2004
Wavefront coding finds increasing use
January 2004
Buried waveguides may improve microbioanalysis
December 2003
Subtleties of two-photon polymerization emerge
November 2003
Serrodyne technique produces broad spectrum of close-packed pulses
November 2003
Microreflectors permit passive free-space link
September 2003
Color camera scans with laser beams
August 2003
Disordered structure shows photonic bandgap
August 2003
Light moves Droplets Precisely
July 2003
Read head exploits optical pressure
May 2003
Simple microfluidic system tunes fiber properties
April 2003
Low-temperature bonding makes cheaper optoelectronic circuits
March 2003
One surface melds two diffractive elements

February 2003
Far-infrared sources diversify
January 2003
Confocal slices can image circuits
October 2002
Coherence gating works in full color
July 2002
Alice and Bob grow apart
May 2002
Deformable mirror boosts coupling efficiency
Laser Focus World May, 2002
Analog chip sorts colors
Laser Focus World April, 2002
Spatial solitons extend depth of focus
January 2002
Photorefractive crystal helps classify data
January 2002
Self-assembling microstructure locks mechanically
November 2001
Acousto-optics vary focal length
November 2001
Chaotic-shift keying offers secure communication
October 2001
VCSEL steers beam without crosstalk
August 2001
Local oxidation creates buried waveguides
July 2001
Planar optical processor shapes pulses
June 2001
Holographic method allows post-processing
May 2001
Spatial solitons guide, switch, and split beam
April 2001
Four-wave mixing allows image transfer by request
March 2001
Retinal scanner works without adaptive optics
February 2001
Optical Correlators: Integrated design may reduce costs
January 1999
Full-color LED array on silicon shows promise
August 1998
New material may facilitate holographic data storage
July 1998
PPLN inspires new applications
May 1998
Multiple-color gratings record bits in microfibers
May 1998
Bacteriorhodopsin synapses use thermal gating
March 1998
New organic crystal well suited as OPO
March 1998
Four million pixels sharpen color display
December 1997
Light enables passive testing of CMOS chips
November 1997
Semiconductor modulators offer high gain
September 1997
Transmissive architecture enables low-cost mini LCD
August 1997
Birefringent film increases LCD viewing angle
July 1997
Polymer promises low-cost CATV modulator
July 1997
Plasmons may provide a single-chip spectrometer
May 1997
Bacteriorhodopsin film shows patterns
May 1997
Micromechanical modulator manipulates gratings
April 1997
Waveguide acts as a multi- and demultiplexer
March 1997
Integrated organic LEDs make multicolor display
February 1997
Robots align miniature optical systems
January 1997
Laser amplifier recovers high-speed clock signal
December 1996
Refractive index confines photons in crystals
November 1996
Single Measurement characterizes thin films
October 1996
Liquid-crystal phased array steers beams efficiently
September 1996
Holograms measure enzyme concentration
August, 1996
Wafer etching creates silicon waveguides
July 1996
Polarization difference identifies breast tumour
June 1996
Thin gratings control VCSEL polarization
May 1996
Low-cost autostereoscopic screen creates 3-D views
April 1996
Multiwavelength headers speed up large networks
March 1996
Diffraction gratings color liquid-crystal displays
February 1996
Double encoding ups the odds against counterfeiters
January 1996
Miniature optical correlator fits inside a PC
December 1995
Researchers integrate multistable devices
November 1995
Format-blind crossbar performs multiplication
October 1995
Thick holograms may replace spatial filters
September 1995
Linked VCSEL arrays point to parallel processing
January 1995
3-D waveguides serve as neural networks
December 1994
Optical computing approaches maturity
October 1994
All-optical positioner and stabilizer made from fiber
August 1994
Reconfigurable optical interconnects use VCSELS
August 1994
Compact, reconfigurable interconnect uses holograms
July 1994
Practical LC micture operates in the infrared
June 1994
EARS arrays challenge SEED-based devices
June 1994
Thresholdless laser seen for new bandgap material
May 1994
Tunable quantum-well IR photodetector has low noise
May 1994
Small waveguide performs multiway switching
April 1994
Electron-trapping materials offer high-density data storage
March 1994
Fast, all-optical bistable switch made in GaAs/AlAs
February 1994
Free-space optics improve optoelectronic interconnects
January 1994
CCD captures holograms to image through tissue
November 1993
Optically addressed SLM works with bacteriorhodopsin
November 1993
Active notch filter uses two-beam coupling
October 1993
High-density storage uses SHG glass
October 1993
Fiberoptic bundle allows remote confocal microscopy
September 1993
Remote bundle allows remote confocal microscopy
September 1993
Start-up company will exploit optical memories
September 1993
Monolithic neurochip has internal analog memory
July 1993
Trained neural network recognizes faces
June 1993
New LCD makes switchable holograms
June 1993
Micro-optics transform laser-array outputs for efficient solid-state laser pumping
May 1993
Helical electrodes make excimer beams round
May 1993
Fiber development makes coherent light portable
April 1993
Societies search for new leaders to replace retiring directors
April 1993
Fringe-locking proves useful for nonholographic applications
April 1993
Holograms route wavelenght-coded 2-D images through fiber
April 1993
Serial optical processor runs stored commands
April 1993
Holographic optics: For when less is more
April 1993
Holographic printing of 3-D images nears reality
April 1993
Laser directly writes gold lines in polymers
March 1993
Radial scanning produces 3-D image on a flat screen
January 1993
Acousto-optic crystal tunes light coupled to fiber
January 1993
Optical-fiber memory matches high-bit-rate systems
January 1993
Next-generation optoelectronic processor emerges
December 1992
Holographic technology puts patient slices together
November 1992