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Creating a Level Playing Field for Competing Neuromorphic Systems
4 October 2021
Why Benchmarking Neuromorphic Computing is Hard
8 September 2021
Event-Based Observatory Enables Star Gazing During the Day
9 February 2021
Allowing Machines to Listen, and Understand
25 February 2021
Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop Goes Large
28 July 2020
Escaping Lockdown: Neuromorphic Video Binge-Watch
2 July 2020
Building 3D neural structures on a single wafer
19 May 2020
Brains and Machines: Building Volume into Neural Hardware
22 April 2020
On a Path to Artificial Brains
22 April 2020
The Promise and Pitfalls of Neuromorphic Computers
22 April 2020
High-performance ICs learn to bend and stretch
22 September 2008
Research bots leverage open-source for child-like intelligence
10 July 2008
35 People, Places, & Things That Will Shape The Future (intro by Junko Yoshida):
Mary Lou Jepsen
• Neuromorphic engineering
The Analog Shell
29 February 2008
Prof posits metananocircuits as electronics’ next frontier
27 February 2008
Analog’s answer to FPGA opens field to masses
21 January 2008 (Online 21 February)
Modular bots learn art of self-reinvention
15 October 2007
Analog chip could be Rx for spinal cord injury
17 September 2007
Night vision steps into the light
13 August 2007
It’s free-space optics’ turn
18 March 2002
Breakthrough at Lucent’s Bell Labs seen holding promise for telecom applications: Structured fiber realizes soliton optical devices
19 September 2001
Memory schemes tapped to demultiplex signals in 1,550-nm spectral window: Holography adapted to fiber communications

13 August 2001
Carnegie Mellon scheme promises fast, high areal densities for data storage: MEMS memory may drive computer-on-a-chip memory
On web as: Researchers strive for computer-on-a-chip with MEMS memory
6 August 2001
New fiber can compensate for dispersion in nets

18 June 2001
Pyramid power could yield denser organic LEDs
7 May 2001
Experimental technique yields 50-nm optical connection: Cantilever unites optical, atomic-force microscopy
23 April 2001
Leap in space-time conversion
19 March 2001
Nanoscale strain sensors measure molecular force
5 March 2001
Acoustic fiber may help generation of remote mechanical power: Torque waveguide aids piezo-motor design
On web as: Acoustic fibre generates remote mechanical power
29 January 2001
Restricted Boltzmann Machine could lead to better vision recognition:
British neural net system teaches itself to see
On web as: New system teaches itself to see
22 December 2000
3-D microfabrication taps photosensitive resins
9 October 2000
Scheme called promising for generating optoelectronic devices:
Holographic lithography yields photonic crystals
2 October 2000
MIT student, company clash over ‘focused-sound’ technique: Noisy dispute erupts over audio technology
On web as: Noisy dispute erupts over audio technology
11 September 2000
Iridigm’s Digital Paper seen holding promise for portables: High-contrast display uses micromechanics
On web as: Digital Paper display technology holds promise for portables
24 July 2000
New family emerges from quantum, photonic combo:
Opto devices go dot-in-dot
19 June 2000
Packet-switching scheduler uses opto neural net
12 June 2000
Experimental technique uses hit-miss transforms to zero in quickly on enlarged nuclei of aberrant cells: Optical correlators could boost cancer screening
On web as: Optical correlators could boost cancer test accuracy
22 May 2000
Holographic data storage merges with optical correlation: Emerging optical technologies fight bottlenecks
15 May 2000
Fraunhofer method shows promise for integrated micro-optics: Optical microstructure built atop silicon circuit
17 April 2000
Project dangles distant promise of nanometer-scale structures: NEC-university team achieves atomic holography
3 April 2000
Mysterious effect could yield optical devices
13 March 2000
Novel electrical currents created with coherence control: Laser light directs electrons in semiconductors
6 March 2000
‘Nanopores’ improve dielectrics
7 February 2000
Researchers envision control software that will automatically adapt to machine configurations: Xerox Parc eyes self-assembling modular robots
On web as: Xerox studies self-assembling modular robots
17 January 2000
Layered RGB detector senses colors simultaneously
13 December 1999
Thin-film structures could boost displays: Photonic layers create transparent conductor
On web as: Metals made transparent by photonic layer structure
15 November 1999
Entangled photons said to unravel brain’s mysteries: High-res microscopy shines
8 November 1999
Firm takes sharper look at lenses for telecom apps
25 October 1999
Circuits from California, U.K. teams show rugged promise: MEMS logic takes the heat
On web as: MEMS logic withstands hostile environments
27 September 1999
Device converts analog input to digitally handle 1,000 frames/s: Single chip blends detection, image processing
On web as: Vision chip blends detection with image processing
9 August 1999
Dense chip I/O fashioned from surface defects
On web as: Dense chip I/O builds on tiny defects
26 July 1999
Analog circuits simplify tasks such as walking: Control systems emulate biological nerve nets
On web as: Satellite’s analog circuits emulate nervous system
14 June 1999
Photonic lattices stitch together new class of reflectors
24 May, 1999
Advance said to hold promise for wavelength-division multiplexing: Device steers white light through wide angles
10 May 1999
Digital Optics’ scheme holds promise as low-cost manufacturing option: Micro-rods ease alignment problems in fiber
On web as: Micro rods ease fiber alignment problems
12 April 1999
Though inspired by neural nets, analog CNN goes its own way
15 March 1999
Cellular neural net eyed for image processing, machine vision: Hybrid digital/analog processor in the works
On web as: Hybrid digital/analog processor pursues machine vision apps
15 March 1999
Optical-addressing scheme enhances intensity, promising higher-resolution digital projectors — Light amps: image boost for projection displays
On web as: Light amps hold promise for image-projection displays
1 March 1999
Robot navigator can find its way in ‘urban canyon’
On web as: ‘Urban’ navigator tries to complement GPS
1 February 1999
All-optical switches eye patents for commercial use
On web as: ‘Liquid electronics’ switches may become practical
25 January 1999
Signal frequencies encode critical information for object recognition: Temporal neural net emulates brain’s dynamics
On web as: Bifurcation neuron gives clues to complexity
11 January 1999
‘Super-Turing’ machines take analog route to larger problem set: Analog nets trump Turing computer model
On web as: Analog computer trumps Turing model
9 November 1998
Organic transistors expedite displays: New materials will make it easier to fab large panels while holding down costs
On web as: Organic transistors could simplify large-panel production
2 November 1998
IBM develops double-gate device that clears scaling hurdle: FET design eyes nanoscale CMOS
On web as: Dual-gate architecture anticipates nanoscale CMOS
26 October 1998
Chip stack aims for brain-like connectivity
19 October 1998
Camera, optical processor integrated on chip
5 October 1998
Backgammon, anyone? Neural learning theory tested
21 September 1998
Fresh approach could help solve problems in pattern recognition: Optical correlator expands into 3-D scenes
7 September 1998
Robotic system builds behavior on experience
10 August 1998
New field of micropyrotechnics holds promise for medical, space apps: Explosive MEMS project eyes actuator design
20 July 1998
Gallium nitride shines on silicon: Silicon integration of blue light emitters holds hope for bright mini-displays
13 July 1998
MEMS strategy turns 2-D arrays into 1-D: Speed exploited in Grating Light Valve scheme
6 July 1998
Researchers on both coasts eye hologram recording scheme: Material raises hopes for Tbyte storage
15 June 1998
Holography could see storage boost
15 June 1998
Device speeds image rotation: Nonmechanical approach could rev preprocessing for optical, electronic imaging
8 June 1998
Novel frequency technique supercharges holographic recording: Spectral ‘holes’ promise optical storage to burn
4 May  1998
Holographic films on disk hold hope for ultra-dense
memories: storage reaches for terabytes
13 April 1998
Sony, Zebra developing practical printers based on MIT technology: Holography eyes mass-market imprint
9 March 1998
Circuit blocks attached via DNA: Darpa sees novel technique as a possible route to terabit communications
9 March 1998
Optics also enable fast Fourier transforms
26 January 1998
Small, hybrid digital/electronic optical correlators ready to power commercial products: Optical computing comes into focus
26 January 1998
Optical schemes tried out in IC test
22/29 December 1997
Tunable diodes readied for display applications: Organic stack integrates full-color LED
1 September 1997
Polymer light-emitting materials promise new era for the LED
1 September 1997
Custom lasers aid projection displays: Devices use custom designed pulsed lasers, crystals, a scanner and advanced optics
23 June 1997
Nude image creates feelings of exclusion
26 May 1997
Light in small packages miniaturizes displays
28 April 1997
Miniscule ‘construction workers’ operate with 1-micron or better precision
7 April 1997